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Producent drewnianych schodów

Massive Elegance

Description: a stairway with risers and closed bottom which we call a “sky”. Hand-forged steel balustrades, patinated to achieve a brass colour, hand-carved balusters. Our flagship design.

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Light and Bright

Description: an ash timber stairway with forged balustrade patinated to achieve the old gold look. The wide flight and missing risers contribute to the effect of lightness.

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Single beam stairway

Description: a stairway made of selected ash timber, with a single-beam supporting structure; a perfect choice for smaller rooms, the widened beam at the bottom gives a feeling of additional stability.

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The warmth and style of hand-carving

Description: a stairway with hand-carved handrails in the shape of natural flower motifs, made of sapelli mahogany in natural colour.

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Modern Solids

Description: an elegant and modern block-shaped stairway made of Jatoba hardwood. Brushed stainless steel balustrade.

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Elegant Meets Modern

Description: a dark, elegant ebony stairway with stylized balustrades and treads lit with LEDs. An elegant bow to modernity.

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Wooden Ribbons

Description: a spectacular and at the same time light stairway with ribbon-shaped handrails which follow the line of the stairs, made of mahogany in natural colour.

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The Domański firm makes exclusive stairways to order. The Domański brand has been present in the timber goods market since 1980. My stairways are a combination of cutting-edge wood processing technologies and superb craftsmanship; you can see the results in the photo gallery.

For years we have been improving our technology and optimizing the production process. We have developed our machinery so as to be able to take on any project, however non-standard, and we have added increasingly innovative decorative elements to our stairways. Carved pieces, forged seel, wooden ribbons around the posts or a wide beam smoothly landing on the floor – these are only a few examples of the solutions we have pioneered.

In making our wooden stairways we remain environmentally conscious, choosing suppliers who hold certificates of sustainable use of natural resources (e.g. sustainable forestry), and we use eco-friendly adhesives and varnishes with safe solvents.

My stairways are a complete product, from design to installation and finishing work on the ceiling.

Domański offers its services throughout Europe.

Please pay us a visit.

Zbigniew Domański