Our offer

We offer a comprehensive approach to stairway making. All our wooden stairways are unique and are designed to meet your requirements.

1 Design

If you do not have a design, our architect will make one for you and will present in visual form how your future stairway will look. We will discuss with you all the issues and the decorative elements. As each stairway is individually customized, there are no design constraints in terms of its appearance. Up to this point you do not pay a penny. If you like what we have come up with, we will sign a contract and go on to the next stage.

2 Manufacture

After the contract is signed, in the course of a few weeks we will manufacture the stairway at our factory. Each wooden stairway entails an individual production process, so this stage takes time.

3 Instalation

The final step is installation. Over a few days (usually five) our team will install the stairway and carry out finishing work on the ceiling. Because we are almost the last construction team in the building, we have experience in completing our work in a clean manner.

Your stairway is ready!

After our team leave the building, the stairway is immediately ready for use. At your request we can secure it to provide protection from the effects of ongoing construction works.

Come to the Projects section to see some spiral and straight stairways. Get a price estimate for your stairway in the Prices section.